Dj, music curator, electronic music producer, art curator and owner of a sustainable clothing brand.

Dj, producer with more than 33 years in djing, his beginnings were in the 80s with the Chicago House and the Acid House boom.
He produces for the Sol Selectas (LA), Sonar Kollektiv (Berlin), MUSIC FOR DREAMS (Copenhagen) and Afroterráneo Records (Spain) labels.
Remixes for international afro house producer Kiko Navarro, Gabriele Poso (Yoruba Records / Soundway Records) and Denver band The Echo System via Color Red Records (Eddie Roberts, The New Mastersounds guitarist).

His last work as a producer on the Afroterráneo label is called Santë with remixes by Paax Tulum. Be.lanuit has other projects such as Nomadas Experience, Al Aaraaf, Santë African House Ritual, Absenta.

His dj sets have toured clubs like Charada Clubdebaile, Café Berlin, Tempo, Deep, Mondo in Madrid. Bazaar Club, Volt Club in Porto Portugal, Row 14 in Barcelona, Cielö and Water Taxi Beach in New York and Nomadas Experience, Casa Jaguar, Ikal, Casa Pueblo and Mezcal Sagrado in Tulum.
A vinyl collector, his sound inspiration as a selector comes from world music, jazz, soulful, disco music and electronics with Balearic reminiscences, adapting it to house in all its aspects as a mixer dj. The musical eclecticism makes this dj its premise when it comes to producing and DJing, thus creating different climates of dance or total calm.